ASEF Youth Summit, Spain 2023

Deadline:- 9th July, 2023

Country:- Spain


The ASEF Youth Summit, is a Leadership Programme for young Asians & Europeans on “Leadership in Society 5.0″. ASEFYLS5 connects young professionals and students from 50+ Asian and European countries to learn, exchange and collaborate.

This programme includes three phases:

  1. Knowledge Building Phase | 3 – 28 August 2023 | Virtual
    An in-depth exploration into Leadership and Society 5.0 through trainings
  2. Youth Summit | 12 – 16 September 2023 | Salamanca, Spain
    People-to-people exchanges, networking and learning in the local context
  3. Leadership in Action | September – December 2023 | Virtual
    Turning theory into action, collaboration between participants to find solutions for real-life challenges
  • Network! Meet like-minded youth from all across Asia & Europe and build up your network for future partnerships & collaborations
  • Collaborate! Work in diverse groups and develop your intercultural understanding
  • Learn! Receive training on Leadership and Society 5.0, from leading institutions and thematic experts
  • Speak up! Bring the youth voice into the multilateral policy arena and contribute to decision-making
  • Explore Spain! Experience local Spanish culture in the historic city of Salamanca

You are…

  • A citizen of one of the eligible Asian and European Countries*
  • A Young Professional or Student between 18-30 years
  • From any academic background or discipline
  • Enthusiastic and committed to working with an interdisciplinary, intercultural team
  • Keen to learn more about Society 5.0 and exchange with your peers from all across Asia & Europe

There are neither registration nor participation fees for this programme. Accommodation, meals and travel subsidies will be provided for the selected participants.


From August to December 2023, selected participants are expected to join and be engaged in:

  • 8 virtual Knowledge Building Phase virtual sessions for (approx. 16 hours), along with individual tasks (self-paced)
  • 5 days on-site Youth Summit programme in Salamanca
  • Opening & Closing Leadership in Action Phase virtual sessions (approx. 4 hours), and at least 5 virtual group meetings, working closely with your team
  • When & Where?
    • Phase 1: Knowledge Building Phase | 4-28 August 2023 | Online
    • Phase 2: Youth Summit | 12-16 September 2023 | Salamanca, Spain
    • Phase 3: Leadership in Action | 18 September – 5 December 2023 | Online
  • Costs? No registration or participation fee. The organisers will also cover the accommodation and meals for the duration of the on-site phase in Salamanca, Spain, plus a travel subsidy from your country of residence to the starting point and back. The organisers will also cover professional/academic training & leaderships courses for all participants, including certificates. For more details please refer to the FAQ.  

Visit here to Apply:-Registration Form

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