Fully funded Scholarship in Indonesia

Post Graduate Scholarship for Overseas Students 2023

The scholarship is dedicated for overseas students of Master and Doctoral Degree. Priority will be given to students from Asian region and have not received any scholarships from other institutions/agencies/sponsors (candidates from other region may still apply).

Scholarship Scheme
Full Scholarship are awarded from the beginning until the end of the study period, with maximum of 4 semesters for Masters and 8 semesters for Doctoral degree;

On Going Scholarship are awarded for overseas students registered as students at Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, UGM.

The scholarship may be proposed in semester 1 or maximum in the 2nd semester for Master students and in the 3rd semester for Doctoral students. The scholarship is valid since the date of the approval until the end of the normal study period.

Scholarship Coverage
The scholarship program will cover the following:

Tuition fees
Living Cost
Research Support Funding
If the scholarship recipient decides to bring a family member(s) to Indonesia, please keep in mind that the scholarship only covers the costs of the student’s needs.

Study Program
The Scholarship Program will be awarded for some study program:

Master in Biomedical Sciences
Master in Tropical Medicine
Master in Public Health
Master in Medical and Health Professions Education
Master Program in Clinical Medicine
Master in Nursing
Master in Health Policy and Management
Doctoral Program
How to Apply
Register online at the UGM Admission system: http://admission.ugm.ac.id/registration/ and choose domain “FK-KMK scholarship”, fill the form and upload the required documents.

Application Period: 1 – 25 April 2023

To apply visit: https://professionalsopportunity.com/

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