HISA Youth Conference, Spain

Duration :- 17th to 20th August 2023. Madrid Spain

Deadline :- 15th June 2023

Fully Funded


The HISA Youth Dialogue is a unique event that will bring together professionals from different sectors to discuss the challenges of global governance, public administration, and social entrepreneurship. This conference is an opportunity for participants to gain perspectives on how these domains intersect with each other as well as learn about policymaking in relation to them. Attendees will also have the chance to network with experts in their respective fields, exchange ideas and experiences, and explore new ways of thinking about social issues within a global context. 


The conference theme focuses on the intersection of social entrepreneurship and global governance. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts in these fields and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments, trends, and challenges. In addition, participants will also gain insights into policymaking and public administration, along with other related domains.

Allowing participants ample time during breaks between sessions provides further chances for meaningful conversations amongst like-minded individuals committed to building better societies through collaborative efforts aimed at achieving greater environmental justice globally!

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