Saudi Gov. Scholarships for International Students 2024

Country: Saudi Arabia

University: All Universities of Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides opportunities for all students from all over the world to study in its various distinguished universities. Every year Saudi Govt, announce thousand of scholarship for international students. These all scholarship are fully funded and comes with several benefits.

About Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is characterized by a vibrant social and cultural environment, providing international students with the opportunity to learn about a new culture and interact with people from all over the world.

Security and stability:
Saudi Arabia is characterized by a high level of security and political stability, which guarantees students a safe environment to study

Quality of education:
Saudi universities enjoy a high level of education accredited by many international educational institutions in all diverse specializations

Cultural and social diversity:
Cultural diversity in Saudi Arabia is great, as many different cultures come together.

Islamic and Arab status:
The Kingdom is characterized by a long-standing Islamic status that gives it preference in teaching the disciplines of the Arabic language and Islamic studies.


Saudi Arabia is moving forward in supporting the entertainment industry, in a way that achieves the well-being of society and enhances the economy, including attracting international exhibitions, and the international student can enjoy private arenas for live performances, an entertainment tent, bazaars, floating restaurants, concerts, singing shows, live shows, and more.

In addition to the many options that international students can attend and participate in, which are available in all cities of the Kingdom within a civilized style and high quality in all safety, which gives them a great opportunity to combine the importance of their educational attainment with obtaining a life filled with happiness in all parts of the cities.


  • tuition fee reduction.
  • living expenses.
  • accommodation.
  • travel expenses.
  • health.

Some other partial benefits are…..

Rich and diverse culture

Students from more than 170 countries around the world study in Saudi universities.

Outstanding care

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides excellent care for international students.


Universities have advanced research centers.

Scientific progress

Many Saudi universities are among the top 200 universities in the world.

Free grants

The student receives full benefits with complete exemption from any financial obligation.

List of Universities:


      Students must have obtained a secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent from within KSA or abroad. The student’s secondary school graduation certificate must not be older than 3 years.

      Students must not be younger than 17 years old or older than 25 years old for the undergraduate level.

      30 years for the Master’s and 35 years for the doctoral levels, respectively.

      All international students who want to enrol in an English-taught degree need to prove their level of language proficiency. To do this, universities ask them to pass one of these popular English language tests: IELTS Academic. PTE Academic.

      How to Apply:

      You have to apply through Saudi Govt. study Portal, Link given below


      The deadline to apply for this scholarship is 10th of December.

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