Turkish Govt. Scholarship 2024

Country: Türkiye

University: Selective Universities of Türkiye

Program: Bachelor / Masters / PHD


Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded higher education scholarship program run by the Republic of Türkiye for international students. The primary purpose of Türkiye Scholarships is to provide equal opportunities to successful students around the world in order to receive them. For many years, Türkiye has been providing scholarship opportunities to international students and researchers from all over the world. Higher education scholarship programs provided by Turkey were branded as “Türkiye Scholarships” in 2012 and studies were started to be carried out under the coordination of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities(YTB).Türkiye Scholarships are carried out in cooperation with all relevant institutions such as YÖK, Yurt – Kur, General Directorate of Migration Management and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Türkiye Scholarships is considered to be the most comprehensive scholarships in the world with the possibility of university and department placement, monthly scholarships, tuition fees, health insurance, accommodation, Turkish language course, flight tickets and free academic and cultural programs. Türkiye Scholarships provide international students with the opportunity to study and receive scholarships at the most prestigious universities in Türkiye.


* Provides university and department placements unlike other higher education scholarship programs.

* Covers tuition fees.

* Allows you to learn the language of the country study with 1-year Turkish language course. Thus, resources are diversified in your academic research and daily life becomes more pleasurable.

* Provides accommodation for students arriving in a new country.

* Supports you on your journey to Turkey and when you return to your country at the end of your education period and covers your once-off flight ticket.

* Allows you to take full advantage of widespread health services when necessary with health insurance.

* Also provides monthly stipend. 1700 TL at undergraduate level, 2400 TL at Master’s level and 3000 TL at PhD level per month.

Application Criteria:

Minimum Academic Achievement:

  • For undergraduate candidates: 70%
  • For graduate candidates: 75%
  • For candidates of Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy): 90%

Age Criteria:

  • For undergraduate programs: being under the age of 21
  • For master’s programs: being under the age of 30
  • For PhD programs: being under the age of 35
  • For Research Scholarship: being under the age of 50


Eligible Groups:

  • Citizens of all countries
  • Graduates or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year (before August 2022)
  • Researchers and academics

Ineligible Groups:

  • Turkish citizens and individuals who have lost Turkish citizenship
  • Individuals who are currently enrolled in programs in Turkish universities at the level of education will apply.

How to Apply:

There is a five step Application process discussed below:

  1. Create your Personnel account on Türkiye Scholarship application system.
  2. Upload all the required Documents.
  3. Select your University and Program.
  4. Write a letter of Intent that explain your Goals and Preferences.
  5. After thoroughly reviewing your application submit it.

Documents Require:

For applications made online through the Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS), all candidates must upload the following documents to the system:

  • A valid identity document, ID card or passport.
  • A photograph of the candidate taken within the last 1 year.
  • National exam results (if any).
  • Diploma or temporary graduation certificate.
  • Transcript.
  • International exam results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) if required by the chosen university or program.
  • International language test results such as TOEFL, DELF if required by the chosen university or program.
  • A proposal for a research topic and a written example of the research you have carried out (only for PhD applications).

Selection Process:

Initial Assessment:

All applications are examined on the basis of basic criteria such as minimum academic achievement, age limits set for each level of education, and required documents.


Applications from eligible candidates; are considered by the Expert Committee in terms of various criteria such as academic status, previous qualifications, academic interests, career goals, consistency of preferences, content of the letter of intent, and participation in social activities. After this stage, the final list of eligible candidates for the interview process is set.


A 30-question quantitative test consisting of mathematics, geometry, and logic questions is held for undergraduate candidates prior to the face-to-face interviews conducted by the Presidential Delegations. The tests are going to be held prior to the interview in order to evaluate the candidates applying to the fields of health sciences, science and engineering the fields which take the greater number of applications compared to other disciplines. Tests are also going to be held for candidates applying in the field of social sciences, and the results will be evaluated in comparison among other applicants within the field.


Candidates selected from more than 100 countries in the final list are evaluated by interview committees consisting of academics and experts. The interview, which usually lasts 15-30 minutes, is carried out in the following format:

  • Welcome and entrance
  • Check of documents
  • Purpose of the candidate’s application
  • Academic knowledge and career goals
  • Closing and candidate questions to the committee

Candidates invited for the interview are required to bring all the documents and certificates of the latest education they have completed to the interview.

Final Assessment:

The results of the interviews of applicants conducted by the interview committees are evaluated by a selection committee and a list of applicants who will receive scholarships is created. At this final evaluation stage, the general eligibility of the candidate for Türkiye Scholarships is evaluated.

Application Timelines:

General Application Period:

Application PeriodJanuary 10 – February 20
Evaluation ProcessMarch–April-May
Interview PeriodJune – July
Announcement of ResultsEarly August
Initial ProceduresAugust
Transfers of Grantees to TürkiyeSeptember

Success Scholarship:

Application PeriodOctober–November
Evaluation Process and Announcement of ResultsNovember

Research Scholarship:

1st Period
Application PeriodJanuary–March
Evaluation Process and Announcement of ResultsApril
2nd Period
Application PeriodApril–June
Evaluation Process and Announcement of ResultsJuly
3rd Period
Application PeriodJuly–September
Evaluation Process and Announcement of ResultsOctober
4th Period
Application PeriodOctober–December
Evaluation Process and Announcement of ResultsJanuary


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