UN SDG Conference by HISA 2024

Country: Bangkok, Thailand

Host: Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA)

Dates: Jan 4th to Jan 7th 2024

Cost: Fully Funded


The UN SDG Forum 2024 is a prestigious and transformative program designed to empower young leaders, social development professionals, and policy practitioners from around the globe to champion the Sustainable Development Goals and drive positive change in their communities and beyond. The program offers a unique platform for emerging SDGs champions and professionals to engage with the most pressing global challenges and collaborate on innovative solutions, ultimately working towards a sustainable and equitable future for all.

About HISA:

Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance is a registered Organization. We host & organize policy consultations, roundtable workshops, conferences & we act as a liaison between Governments & other stakeholders to implement agenda 2030 & achieve Sustainable Development Goals via attaining policy reforms. HISA intends to provide a platform for policy reforms and to highlight global pressing issues by connecting the decision makers with young people through policy exchanges & different programs. We envisage to partner up with decision-makers, stakeholders, and leading organizations to curate dialogues, breakout sessions, and consultations for policy reforms while highlighting global pressing issues to make impact in communities. We partner with different decision-makers, stakeholders, and leading organizations to create awareness on Sustainable Development Goals specially SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG13: Climate Action and SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal of the United Nations. We host, moderate and plan regional and global consultations. HISA will be partnering with different stakeholders to help raise awareness of the need to have stronger policies leading to positive reforms in society.


Following are the perks you learn or achieve when u will attend this conference:


Equipping young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively address the SDGs in their respective regions. Expect to learn from experts and practitioners through workshops, seminars, and lectures. They will share insights, best practices, and real-world examples related to the SDGs.


Prospect for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals from different parts of the world, leading to collaborations, partnerships, and friendships that can aid in advancing their careers and making a positive difference in their communities.


Fostering a sense of agency and empowerment among fellows, enabling them to become agents of change in their communities. You’ll learn effective advocacy and communication strategies to raise awareness about the SDGs and mobilize support for sustainable initiatives.


Encouraging the development and implementation of sustainable projects and initiatives that contribute directly to achieving the SDGs. Sustainable impact extends to raising awareness about the SDGs within your local community and mobilizing support for sustainable practices among stakeholders.


Attendees of the USF 2024 will gain practical skills and knowledge on SDGs. It also offers attendees a chance to learn new perspectives on these topics as well as gain valuable insights into best practices for addressing them.


Facilitating cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange among fellows to create innovative solutions with a global impact. This exposure allows you to engage with influential stakeholders on a global scale.


UN SDGs Forum 2024 is a transformative experience that combines capacity building, empowerment, global collaboration, and a strong focus on creating sustainable impact. Attendees can expect to emerge from the program with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and global connections needed to actively contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and drive positive change in their communities and beyond. Upon returning back to their communities, attendees can use their expertise and advocacy skills to shape policies that align with the SDGs, thereby promoting sustainability on a larger scale.


UN SDGs Forum  2024 offers 2 different categories for applicants:


  • Conference Invitation Letter
  • Return Air Ticket
  • 4-star shared accommodation
  • Meals for the entire Forum
  • Forum Merchandise
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • Join a Stellar Community of Impact Creators


The charges for self funded conference is about $999 but currently they are giving it at a discount of $649.

  • Conference Invitation Letter
  • 4-star shared accommodation
  • Meals for the entire Forum
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • Join a Stellar Community of Impact Creators

Selection Process:

Selection for the Fully Funded Delegates purely depends on the quality of the application a participant would submit. In the application form, we have asked several questions and provided the opportunity to submit as much information as you can. The more information you provide us, the better your chances for the selection. However, self-funded applicants will get their confirmation on the spot.


You have to fill online registration form to apply for this conference ( Link given below). The deadline is 25th November.

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