Heinrich Bell Foundation Germany Scholarship 2024
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Heinrich Bell Foundation Germany Scholarship 2024

Country: Germany


Duration: Up to 4 Years


The Heinrich Bell Foundation is part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of illiberalism, leftism, and traditionalism. Our main tenets are ecology and sustainability, republic and mortal rights, tone- determination and justice. We place particular emphasis on gender republic, meaning social liberation and equal rights for women and men. We’re also committed to equal rights for artistic

The Heinrich Bell Foundation is a political foundation based in Germany that operates internationally. It is affiliated with the German Green Party and promotes the values of ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, and social justice. The foundation also focuses on promoting gender equality, the rights of marginalized groups, and the participation of immigrants in society and politics. ethnical nonages and the societal and political participation of immigrants.

The Heinrich Bell Foundation also has a education program for university and PhD scholars, as well as a exploration library with a focus on new social movements, Green politics, and a special section for political activist Petra Kelly.

About Scholarship:

under the umbrella of the Heinrich Bell Foundation, every year approx. 1500 candidates are selected from all over the world to have their Ph.D. degree in Germany. These candidates have to fulfill a criteria which will be discussed below.


To be eligible for this scholarship German citizens and International citizens have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants who are already studying in Germany whether you are German citizen or International citizen you must have an offer letter to study PhD program in Germany.
  2. you must provide a proof of proficiency in German language Min B2.
  3. You must have completed your master degree Programs.
  4. Your CGPA in your Masters should not be less than 3.3 out of 4.
  5. You must be in connection with your PhD supervisor and have finalized your research topic.( Visit this link to check: How to Contact University supervisor for research work Approval)
  6. You must be in good Mental and Physical Health.


  1. Its a fully funded PhD Scholarship and you will be exempted from any fee.
  2. Applicant will get a monthly stipend of approx. 1300 Euro.
  3. Medical Insurance will be provided.
  4. Travel allowance from your native country will be paid.
  5. Accommodation will be provided in university hostels.

Documents Requirements:

Before applying be sure you have completed the following documents:

  1. You should provide an updated CV (check this link : how to write a CV to be selected)
  2. Scanned copy of first two pages of passport for Visa Aproval.
  3. A motivational letter or Essay (Check how to write Essay)
  4. An outline of your Social commitments and political interests.
  5. An outline of your PhD Thesis Project.
  6. For International citizens , Proof of German Language Certificate DSH 2 or B 2.
  7. Two reference letter from the Professors of the University you lastly attended.

How to Apply?

you have to upload all the required documents on the online portal. the portal will be open from 15th January to 15th March 2024. If you missed any required document, it will lead you to ineligibility.


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