Turkey Government Scholarship 2024
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Turkey Government Scholarship 2024

Country: Turkey

Program: Bachelor / Masters / PhD

Duration: Up to 4 years

Turkey scholarship


Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 is a higher education program for International scholars from the Government of Turkey. The main focus of the Turkey government scholarship program is to provide equal opportunities to outstanding scholars around the Globe. Turkey scholarship program was started in late 2012 to attract scholar to carry out their degrees in Turkey. since 2012 thousands of scholars were facilitated from these scholarships.

Turkey scholarship is a joint program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Directorate of Migration Management, and Yurt Kur. This scholarship program is considered to be the most comprehensive program in the world due to the option of University placement , monthly scholarship, tuition fees, Turkish language course , flight tickets, free academics and cultural program.

It offer opportunity to international Scholars to study in the top rank and prestigious universities of Turkey. Its a merit base scholarship which filter the scholars according to their academic records.

Higher Studies in Turkey:

Over the Last 10 times, the number of transnational scholars studying at advanced educational institutions in Turkey has increased remarkably, and according to current numbers, Turkey is home to further than 300 thousand transnational scholars, including 15 thousand with literacy. In this respect, Turkey continues to offer equal openings to scholars from each over the world as one of the countries that accept the largest number of transnational scholars in the world.

Offered Programs:

Under the Turkey Government Scholarship 2024, the scholarships are offered to international students to continue their undergraduate, Master and Doctorate degrees in Turkey. These scholarship criteria, application procedure, and benefits will be explained below.

Undergraduate Scholarship :

You can have your undergraduate degrees in the field of Engineering, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and basic Sciences. The application for under graduate programs are open in January to February every year.

Graduate Scholarship:

Under the Graduate Scholarship programs , scholar can have their Master degree in the field of Engineering, Social Sciences , Humanities and Natural sciences. Almost all fields are available excluding Health Related degrees.

Art Scholarship:

These scholarships are offered to international students to continue their Bachelor, Masters & PhD degrees in the field of Musical Sciences, Performing Arts, and Fine Arts at Ankara Fine Arts and Music University.

These Programs are:

Performing Arts:
  • Instrument Training (Undergraduate)
  • Voice Training (Undergraduate)
Music Sciences and Technologies:
  • Music Technologies (Undergraduate)
  • Music Theory (Undergraduate)
Music and Fine Arts:
  • Instrument Training (Graduate)
  • Music Sciences (Graduate)
  • Music Technologies (Graduate)
  • Music Theory (Graduate)
  • Musicology (Graduate)
  • Voice Training (Graduate)

Merit Scholarship Program:

The Merit Scholarships program is for those students who have a best academic record in the past and they are proficient in English also. They have to fulfill some extra requirements other than the general eligibility requirements, these are:

  • Have Given SAT/GAT tests and also IELTS for English Proficiency.
  • Have scored top marks in their last exams in their home countries.
  • Those who will carry out their research project with Scientific research Projects (BAP)
  • Those who have published some articles in International Journals.
  • They have a minimum CGPA of 3.5 out of 4.
  • They will be provided Financial Benefits two times higher as compared to other scholars.
Turkey Government Scholarship

General Eligibility:

Below is the list of General Eligibility criteria for all the Turkey Government Scholarship 2024:

  • Citizens of All Countries are eligible to apply for this Scholarship.
  • Graduates and those who will graduate in August 2024 are eligible to apply.
  • Turkish residents or those who have Turkish resident ships are not eligible to apply.
  • Students who are already enrolled in any program in Turkey are not eligible to apply.
  • Academic Achievement; For Undergraduates its 70%, for Graduates 75% and candidates of Health Sciences like Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc. is 90%
  • For undergraduates the max age is 21, For Masters 30, for PhD its 35 and for Research Scholarship it is a maximum of 50 years.


  • As its a fully funded scholarship so you will be exempted from tuition fees for the entire duration of your degree.
  • You will attend free Turkish language course for 1 year, which will make your life pleasurable.
  • Accommodation will be provided in University Hostels without any charges.
  • You will be given Health Insurance to avail free Health services.
  • A single-time return ticket be given from your Native country to Turkey.
  • You will be given Monthly Stipend according to your degree:
For PhD student6500 TL per month
For Masters Student5000 TL per month
For Undergraduate student3500 TL per month
Monthly Stipends

Application Timelines:

Application PeriodJanuary 10 to February 20
Evaluation ProcessMarch-April-May
Interview PeriodJune-July
ResultsEarly August
Initial ProcedureAugust
Commencement of ClassesSeptember

How to Apply ?

To apply for Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 is a five step process as below:

  1. Create your online account on Turkey Scholarship Portal (Link Given Below)
  2. Upload you are academic documents like Transcript , degrees or any certificates.
  3. Select the university of your choice and program also.
  4. Submit a letter of intent or Motivation ( Sample or how to write) that describes your preference for studies in Turkey.
  5. After reviewing all your information, apply.


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