Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025
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Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025

Country : Any selective Country

Program : Masters & Professional Certifications

Duration : Up to 2 years.

Rotary peace scholarship


The Rotary Peace Scholarship is one of the best Scholarship programs. These scholarships are offered by Rotary. What’s Rotary? Rotary is an international organization that focuses on community service, Promoting Peace, and spreading education and health initiatives around the world. Rotary has many local and international projects in different parts of the world, but their main focus is to spread peace around the world.

Since its foundation in 1905, they are dedicated to bringing together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services, Encourage high ethical standards, and promote peace in the world. Rotary supports a wide range of projects related to education, health and community services. Rotary offers international fully funded scholarships to their member countries. After availing of these scholarships , students have a chance to study in top-rank universities in the world.

Each year Rotary offers more than 130 Fully funded scholarships for meritorious students around the world. These students will study in one of the peace centers or universities in any part of the world. Since the inception of scholarship program from 2002, more than 1700 students have been facilitated. These scholars are working in approx. 140 countries.

Rotary Scholarship 2025-2026:

This year Rotary has announced “Rotary Peace Fellowship program 2025 ” for international students. The Scholarship are offered for maximum two years. weather you can do a master program of two years or have a professional certification. Details are as under:

Masters Degree Program:

The ideal applicant is academically strong, has a bachelorette’s degree in a affiliated field, and has work experience in peace and development. We’re looking for early career Applicant who demonstrate a commitment to peace and conflict resolution, can take over expansive  reading and exploration, and can share laboriously within a different cohort of scholars.  Successful Applicant have a record of previous achievements in peacebuilding as well as the eventuality for unborn growth and impact as leaders in the field performing from their participation in the fellowship.

After the program, applicant  should be willing  to partake  their own work and experience, staying in touch with peace fellows in their region and  maintaining strong connections with Rotary members.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for this scholarship you must have to fulfill the below eligibility criteria:

  • Should have Proficiency in English
  • Have Completed an Undergraduate degree.
  • Must Have a strong commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace as shown through professional and academic achievements or through community services.
  • Must posses high Leadership skills.
  • Have three years of experience in peace or development work in your native country.
  • Any rotary who have participated in any program before is not eligible for next three years.
  • Employees of Rotary club are not eligible for this Scholarship.

Fellowship Components:

  • Academic training
  • Field Experience
  • Networking
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

List of Universities:

You can complete your masters program / Fellowships in the following universities:

  1. Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 
  2. International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  3. University of Bradford, Bradford, England
  4. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 
  5. Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Professional Certification Program:

The ideal Applicant is a proven mid-career peace and development leader with minimum five years of relevant work experience. Applicant need to come to the program with a social change initiative to promote peace and development within the program region. Applicant should also have a clear vision of how the fellowship experience and network will help advance their peace work and increase their impact.

This Certification program is intended for working professionals and requires 11 weeks of on-site participation. Fellows earn a postgraduate diploma upon completion of the program. After the program completion , applicant should be willing to share their own work and experience, staying in touch with Rotary peace fellows in the region and maintaining strong connections with Rotary members.  

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for Rotary professional certifications you must have to fulfill the below eligibility criteria:

  • Must Be proficient in English.
  • Have a complete undergraduate degree.
  • Have minimum five years of full-time relevant experience in peace and development work
  • Have a strong commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace as shown through professional and academic achievements and personal or community service.
  • Have strong leadership skills .
  • in future he is able to explain how their plan to promote peace aligns with Rotary’s mission. 

Fellowship Components:

  • Preliminary Online Course
  • On-Site course
  • Social Change initiative
  • workshops
  • Seminar’s

List of Universities for certifications:

  1. Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  2. Bahçeşehir University (BAU), Istanbul, Turkey


  • Invitation letter will be provided for visa assistance ship.
  • Fully funded program and you will be exempted from any tuition or registration fee.
  • Accommodation will be provided in selected university Hostel.
  • One time Return Air ticket from your Native country.
  • You will different seminars and workshops on the expense of your university.
  • You can do internship in any department of your university.
  • The handsome stipend will be given to cover your daily expenses for the duration of the fellowship.

Deadline :

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