KNB Indonesian Govt. Scholarship 2024/2025
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KNB Indonesian Govt. Scholarship 2024/2025

Country: Indonesia

Program: Bachelor /Masters/PhD

Duration: Up to 4 years


Indonesia is encyclopedically well-known for its quality education, especially in the advance  education  position. Not only that Indonesian universities demonstrated excellence in the advancement of lores, but they also are suitable to stand altitudinous  among  global  bi  league of advance education institutions. It was in the spirit of strengthening Indonesia’s position in the global constellation of advanced education and supporting the mortal development of developing countries that Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang, further popular  known as KNB Scholarship, was first offered in 2006.

Through KNB Scholarship, Indonesia also introduces its different and rich  artistic heritage,  verbal  uproariousness, and noble values and original wisdom.  scholars who have successfully passed the rigorous  selection process at 31 notable  mate universities  in the country will  witness not only studying at  world- class advanced education institutions, but also  immersing in Indonesian culture, language and social life.  By doing so, they won’t only develop their  academic capacity, but also artistic,  verbal  and life chops which will shape them to be  culturally adaptable and socially  apprehensive  profession.

Objective of Indonesian Government:

  • To take part in the resource development of developing countries.
  • To strengthen the relationship between developing countries.
  • To attract the research scholars from different parts of the world.
  • To improve the research capacity of Higher education institution of Indonesia.

About KNB Indonesian Govt. Scholarship 2024/2025:

Through KNB Indonesian Govt. Scholarship 2024/2025different degree programs will be offered. Indonesian government is planning to offer more than 200 scholarship in 2024. These scholarships will be offered in Bachelors, Masters & PhD Programs. The distribution of this scholarship is as under:

Scholarship Distribution


  • Settlement allowance for new commers.
  • Tuition fee will be fully exempted for entire duration of program.
  • Research and book allowance for successful applicants.
  • Separate funding for research papers.
  • Health insurance will be provided by Indonesian government.
  • Travel allowance and return air ticket from your native country.

Duration of Scholarship:

Indonesian language course and preparatory Program12 Months
Bachelors48 Months
Masters24 Months
PhD 48 Months
Program Duration

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Age limit to apply for Undergraduate program is 21, Master is 35 and PhD is 40 years old.
  • You must hold a valid qualification from a recognize university while applying for any degree program.
  • Two recommendation letters from your last University supervisor.
  • write a motivational letter of at least 200 words, in which you have to show your interest for the selected program.(See Sample)
  • If your last studied degree was in English language than u have to just provide a letter from your University, which sates that there language of instruction was in English.
  • You have to provide a valid passport whose validity is not less than 2 years.

How to apply ?

You have to download a Scholarship offering letter from the university website , After filling out this form you have to upload it to university admission portal(Link given below). your application will be evaluated by the University admission committee. The successful applicants will be informed through email.


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