University of Houston USA Scholarship 2024
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University of Houston USA Scholarship 2024

Country: United States of America

Program: Bachelor / Masters / PhD

Duration: Up to 4 Years

University of Houston Scholarships


The University of Houston (UH) is a public research university located in Houston, Texas, United States. It was founded in 1927 and is now the third-largest university in Texas. UH offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including business, engineering, natural sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The university is known for its strong research programs, diverse student body, and vibrant campus life. It is a member of the University of Houston System, which also includes the University of Houston-Downtown, the University of Houston-Clear Lake, and the University of Houston-Victoria.

The university is recognized for its research activities and is classified as a “Carnegie Tier One” research institution. It has research centers and institutes focusing on various fields, contributing to advancements in technology, science, and other disciplines. UH is known for its diverse student population, representing various ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds. The university promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The University of Houston (UH) offers various scholarships to help students from different parts of the world to fund their education. These scholarships can be based on academic achievement, leadership, talent, financial need, and other criteria. Here are some types of scholarships available at UH:

Scholarship offered in 2024:

Below is the list of some International and National scholarships offered in University of Houston in 2024:

1. Jack and D’Ann Burke International Scholarship 2024:

For the Academic session 2024-2025 University of Houston is offering this scholarship for international students. Jack and D’Ann Burke International is available to occupant andnon-resident scholars as well as transnational scholars. These literacy are principally identical, so only one operation form is demanded. This operation process becomes available formerly a time in the spring semester.

An applicant may apply for renewal of the education if he she continues to meet the eligibility conditions. still, the maximum length of the education is over to 4 successive semesters( spring/ fall). An applicant won’t be eligible to renew the education in the event of changing academic programs. operations must be submitted online to International Student and Scholar Services no latterly than March 22, 2024. Note that International Student and Scholar Services doesn’t accept paper operation cessions.


  1. Candidate must demonstrate active involvement in international educational activities.
  2. All undergraduate applicants must have and maintain at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA and all graduate applicants must have and maintain at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.
  4. Priority will be given to students who do not currently hold other scholarships or a tuition waiver.
  5. A recommendation letter must be uploaded. The recommendation letter must be provided by Professor/Respected Authority under whom you have taken a course or have worked together.
  6. Please have your personal essay and passport (if applicable) ready before starting the application. Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible.

2.Academic Excellence Scholarship
The Academic Excellence Scholarship offers competitive scholarships of various amount to new incoming freshman who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. The scholarship can be received a total of four years (five years for Architecture students) if students meet the renewal criteria each year at UH. The academic profile of the incoming freshman class varies from year to year.

Students without a class rank can still be considered for Academic Excellence Scholarships. In such cases, the University determines scholarship eligibility based on the other information available.

3.Cullen Leadership Scholarship:

Amount:$1,000 per year (renewable for up to four years) Qualifications: For students who have a competitive academic profile and demonstrated leadership skills. Recipients are selected by the Student Financial Support Committee from among the pool of admitted applicants. No additional application is necessary. 

4.National Merit Scholarship Finalist:

Amount: Full cost of tuition and required fees, for four years (five years for architecture students). In addition, recipients are eligible for a one-time $1,000 undergraduate research stipend and a one-time $2,000 study abroad stipend. Candidates who complete the FAFSA may be eligible for additional financial support. 

Qualifications: The University of Houston will automatically award scholarship support to National Merit Scholarship finalists who select the University of Houston as their first-choice institution in accordance with the rules and deadlines established by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).

5.Tier One Scholarship:
Full cost of tuition and required fees for four years (five years for architecture students). On-campus housing and meal plan for the first two years at UH. In addition, recipients are eligible for a one-time $1,000 undergraduate research stipend and a one-time $2,000 study abroad stipend. Candidates who complete the FAFSA may be eligible for additional financial support.

Qualifications: As in previous years, if you have a 1400 SAT or 30 ACT composite score and rank in the top 10% of your class, you’ll improve your chances of moving forward in the selection process. Test optional candidates are considered.

Scholarship Renewal Requirements:

Academic Excellence, Distinguished Scholarships, National Merit, Tier One and Cullen Leadership Scholarships will renew each year (up to eight undergraduate semesters, or 10 semesters for architecture students) provided you meet the requirements listed below. 

  • Maintain full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) at UH each fall and spring semester. Your scholarship funds will not credit to your account if you are enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. The GPA calculation only includes courses taken at UH.
  • Complete and pass a total of 30 credit hours by the end of the summer following your first year at UH, 60 hours by the end of the second year, and 90 hours by the end of the third year. Transfer, AP, and dual credit hours will count toward this requirement.

6.Scholarships for Transfers:

Transfer Excellence Scholarship
Amount: $2,000 per year ($1,000 per term) beginning with transfer students admitted fall 2023. Renewal recipients for 2023-24 are offered $1,000 per year ($500 per term). 

2024-25 Transfer Excellence Scholarship Priority Deadlines

  • Application Deadline: May 15, 2024

Transfer Excellence Scholarship Requirements:
To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be admitted as an undergraduate student to the University of Houston for the fall term,
  • enroll in a minimum 12 credit hours per semester at the University of Houston (central campus),
  • have 48 or more transferable hours from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, and
  • have a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0-point scale).


Every scholarship mentioned above has his own deadline, so please visit the below link for deadline and for registration procedure.

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