Global Youth Conference Cape town, South Africa 2024
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Global Youth Conference Cape town, South Africa 2024

Country: South Africa

Duration: 9th to 12th March 2024

Funding: Fully Funded / Partial Funded


HISA (Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance) is a gateway for youth Engagement in policy-making and governance. As a Global leader, HISA fulfills the gap between the stakeholders and young people to create a platform for dialogue and collaboration. HISA has been actively arranging Youth Conferences for the last decades. These conferences were arranged in different parts of the world.

Global Youth Conference 2024:-

This time the Global youth conference will held at Cape town South africa. It will be a four day conference and will have the following features:

1. Leadership Development in Civic roles:

GYC Participant’s will be involved in leadership workshops and sessions to reshape their leadership skills, to have their personal and professional growth. Aside with acquiring insights into effective leadership strategies that can polish their career and contribute to positive change.

2. Insight into Sustainable practices:

Attendees will explore sustainable models and practices that can be directly applied to their professions, having personal success with environmental and social duty. As they will achieve practical knowledge on how to develop sustainability into professional career for long-term prosperity.

3.Influence in Policy Making:

GYC will try its best to make a positive impact in their communities through enhanced social engagement skills, allowing participants to contribute to social initiatives and understanding of global policymaking, and to engage with policymakers for saturated policies that align with participant’s professional interests.

4.Funding Opportunities:

attendees will find opportunities for mutual partnerships with like-minded peoples and organizations, fostering synergies that can have the impact of their social entrepreneurship initiatives. As GYC will be a platform to explore financing opportunities by connecting with real investors, philanthropists, and organizations supporting social initiatives.


Attendees will get the chance to meet with experienced mentors and industrialist who can provide guidance for their career progress, by receiving personalized advices on multiple challenges and different opportunities in their professional domains.


  1. Conference invitation letter will be provided to you for visa process.
  2. Return Air ticket from your origin country will be provided by the GYC Managements.
  3. Acommodation and Food during your stay will be provided by GYC managments.
  4. All travel allowances to the venue will be paid.
  5. have a chance to meet with Mentors and industry experts.


To be eligible for this conference you should have:

  1. A valid passport with minimum expiry period of one year.
  2. You should have good proficiency in English, Any certificate is not required.
  3. Also you should have a good communication skills.
  4. You should have a courage to present your Community.

How to Apply:

Simply you have to fill an online application form, have to pay processing fees online and upload the required documents. The successful applicant and will be contacted through Email and will be guided accordingly.


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