13 Jun, 2024
1 min read

OIC Youth Scientific Congress

Country: Russia Duration: 4 days (6 to 9 Nov, 2024) Funding: Fully Funded Introduction: OIC Youth Congress is the international dialogue platform in the Republic of Tatarstan involving for the 3rd time, young researchers from Russia and OIC countries in the scientific dialogue aiming at technological and innovative development. Agenda of Congress-2024: Achieving sustainable well-being […]

2 mins read

Young Cultural Diplomacy Forum | Dubai 2024

Country : Dubai Duration : 24 to 26th May (3 days) Funding : Fully / Partially Funded Introduction: The Young Cultural Diplomacy Forum (YCDF), a dynamic platform meticulously curated to delve into the multifaceted realm of cultural diplomacy in the 21st century. In an era marked by increasing globalization and interconnectivity, our forum explores the […]

3 mins read

International Diplomats Conference | Qatar 2024

Country: Qatar Duration: 3 days from 3rd May to 5th May 2024 Funding: Fully / Partially Funded Introduction: Voice For Rights International Association Canada” have opened up applications for International Diplomats Conference 2024, which is another enlightening program designed for youth especially. It is an excellent journey of self-discovery where you profoundly plunge into yourself with […]

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ICYF Youth Forum Turkey 2024

Country: Turkey Duration: 6 days Funding: Partially Funded Introduction: “Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum” (ICYF) is an international, non-commercial, non-partisan organization uniting leading umbrella youth organizations from the Member-States of the Organization of Islamic-Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the OIC) as well as international youth organizations, operating in the OIC region and youth organizations representing significant […]

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Global Diplomatic Forum 2024

Country: Belgium Duration: 4 days (25th July to 28th July 2024) Funding: Fully Funded/Partial Funded Introduction: Center for Diplomatic Advancement (CDA), firmly believe in the pivotal role of diplomacy in addressing global challenges and fostering international cooperation. Through their comprehensive programs, they offer training in various areas such as international law & policy making, intercultural […]

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Youth Leadership Convention Turkey | 2024

Country: Turkey Duration: 4 days (3rd May to 6th May 2024) Funding: Fully Funded/Partial/Self funded Introduction: Youth Leadership Convention in Turkey is an esteemed four-day gathering dedicated to fostering global leadership and collaboration. This convention provides a unique platform for emerging leaders from various parts of the world to converge, transcend cultural & national barriers, […]

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Global Business Symposium Spain 2024

Country: Spain Duration: 9th May to 12th May 2024 Funding: Fully/Partially/Self Funded Introduction: Are you a professional ..? or Are you an Entrepreneur ..? than this symposium is for you, The Global Business Symposium Spain 2024 is an international event, in which entrepreneurs or young professionals from different parts of the world can participate. Not […]

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HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 in Hungary

Country: Hungary Duration: 17th May to 20th May 2024 Funding: Fully / Partial Funded Introduction: The HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 ensures a comprehensive literacy experience with engaging Seminars and interactive sessions, furnishing Candidates with a profound understanding of effective strategies for communal engagement and community involvement. It focuses on empowering individualities by offering perceptivity into […]