Flinders University Scholarship Program 2024
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Flinders University Scholarship Program 2024

Country: Australia

Program: Masters & PhD

Duration: Up to 3 years


Flinders University is a public university located in Adelaide, South Australia. It was establish in 1966 and named after British navigator and explorer Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century. Flinders University is known for its strong commitment to innovation, research, and community engagement.

It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including health sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, and engineering. Additionally, the university is recognize for its expertise in areas such as Indigenous studies, environmental science, and medical research.

Flinders University Scholarship Program 2024:

A number of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarships are awarded on academic merit and research potential for full-time study in Doctor of Philosophy or Masters by Research. Competition for scholarships is strong and recent awardees hold first class Honours degrees or equivalent.

List of Courses:


Academic Research Training performance

  • A research thesis or research project report as compared to the research component of an Australian honours degree (i.e. at least half-year (full-time equivalent) thesis within a postgraduate qualification of at least one year (full-time equivalent)).
  • A minimum score of 85% or equivalent or greater for the research project report.

Academic Merit performance

  • 2 years (full-time equivalent) academic work, with performance ranking provided by the institution where the qualification was completed base on applicant’s peers. Does not include thesis.
  • Minimum ranking among the top 11-15% or higher.

Research indicators and performance

  • For comparison, 2024 international scholarship awardees received the maximum number of publication points available.

Area of research concentration

  • Your project must align to a research area in which the University has particular strength, has concentrated its research resources, and has attracted external funding


Successful applicants who make satisfactory progress receive a tax-free living allowance for up to three years full-time study for a Doctorate by Research. or up to two years for Masters by Research. Scholarship holders are entitle to paid recreation and sick leave and, in some cases, paid parenting leave. Students relocating from interstate or overseas may also be eligible to claim an allowance for travel expenses and relocation costs to Adelaide. These scholarships pay the international student tuition fees charged by Flinders University for a Higher Degree by Research.

How to Apply:

You must first submit an online application for HDR admission. Then you can submit an additional and separate online application for HDR scholarship. Please note:

  • You may be require to engage a recruitment/education agent to submit your application that this will attract a fee. so you should allocate time and funding before you apply.
  • The agent may charge an additional fee for the separate service of submitting an application for HDR scholarship.You may need to contact your agent to retrieve the information supplied to them by Flinders so you can use it to submit a scholarship application yourself.
  • Once your application for HDR admission has been submitted, follow the scholarship application instructions on this webpage.


The last date to Apply for this Scholarship program is 30th May 2024

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