HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 in Hungary
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HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 in Hungary

Country: Hungary

Duration: 17th May to 20th May 2024

Funding: Fully / Partial Funded

HISA youth Dialogue 2024


The HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 ensures a comprehensive literacy experience with engaging Seminars and interactive sessions, furnishing Candidates with a profound understanding of effective strategies for communal engagement and community involvement. It focuses on empowering individualities by offering perceptivity into the future of education and essential success chops. The conference places a strong emphasis on leadership development, guiding actors to hone their chops, gain precious perceptivity into effective leadership styles, and learn ways to inspire and motivate others towards participated pretensions.

With a scrupulous design to foster cross-cultural collaboration, enhance effective communication, and establish a global network, the conference aims to cultivate a community of passionate individuals committed to creating positive change. HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 will take place from May 17-20, 2024 in Hungary, youth leaders from around the world will converge to engage in thought-provoking discussions, collaborative initiatives, and inspiring sessions that promise to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Key Points of 2024 Conference :

The HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 in Hungary will be focused on the following Key Points:

1.Sustainable Development

2.Civic Engagement.

3.Youth Leadership

4.Policy Making

5. Education for the Future

Conference Categories:

HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 has the following three categories , you have to apply in one of the following Category:

1. Fully Funded:

  • Conference Invitation Letter for Visa purposes
  • Round-trip Airfare Included from your native country.
  • 4-star shared accommodation during conference days.
  • Meals during your stay.
  • HYD Personalized Merchandise
  • Youth Statements
  • Chance to become Part of an Exceptional Community of Impact Creators.

**for this category you have to just pay an online application processing fee of $16 only.

2. Self Funded:

  • Conference Invitation Letter
  • 4-star shared accommodation
  • Meals during the Forum only
  • HYD Personalized Merchandise
  • Youth Statements
  • Become Part of an Exceptional Community of Impact Creators

**for this category you have to pay all expenses and that will cost you about $599.

3. Conference Invitation only:

  • Conference Invitation letter only
  • Place will be reserved for you .

** for this category you have to pay only $125 for the invitation letter and remaining you will pay on the conference day.


HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 will serve as a platform to connect with like-minded youth from around the world, gaining diverse perspectives on critical global issues. Delegates will acquire practical skills and knowledge relevant to civic engagement, leadership, and sustainable development. They will also be building a global network of contacts, mentors, and collaborators who share same passion for positive change. HYD 2024 will also provide opportunity for delegates to engage in interactive workshops designed to enhance your practical skills and provide actionable takeaways. Join us at the HISA Youth Dialogue 2024 in Budapest and become a catalyst for positive change.


  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Youngster or entrepreneur are eligible to apply.
  • Should be proficient in English (IELTS not required).
  • Applicant must be motivated and ambitious .

Selection Process:

Selection for the Fully Funded Delegates purely depends on the quality of the application an applicant would submit. In the application form, we have asked several questions and provided the opportunity to submit as much information as you can. The more information you provide us, the better your chances for the selection. However, self-funded applicants will get their confirmation on the spot.


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