WESTERWELLE foundation Young founders Fellowship , Germany 2024
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WESTERWELLE foundation Young founders Fellowship , Germany 2024

Country: Berlin, Germany

Duration: 6 Months

Funding: Fully Funded

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The Westerwelle Young Founder Fellowship program 2024 in Germany is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide to engage in international entrepreneurship. This is a top-rank fellowship in Germany that provides full funding and invites talented students from diverse backgrounds. By gathering young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, this program aims to achieve entrepreneurial excellence in a meaningful environment.

The Westerwelle young founder fellowship also give an opportunity to previous fellowship participants to share there award winning business strategies to the Global Market. This valuable exchange of strategies or knowledge enhance the learning experience of new Fellowship participants to rightly navigate there ideas.

It will be a six month program where twenty five participants will be selected from different parts of the world. These participants will be selected from the emerging and developing markets around the world. These selected participants will have a chance to develop their leadership abilities and mentorship.


  1. In first phase there will be a two days kick-off conference in first week of September.
  2. Full support for six month will be provided, which includes a mentor , an aluminic buddy and workshops.
  3. Channel to communicate with investors and corporates.
  4. Top ten participants will be invited to attend 5 days fully funded conference in Germany.


  1. The participant must owned a private company from last five years , and the main focus of their business to work in emerging and developing market.
  2. You must be a citizen of developing country.
  3. The company owned by the participant must have a successful business model or have secured some external funding from any sponsoring body.
  4. The business should have a positive impact to enhance the market equality.
  5. Participant must be proficient in English and must have good communication skills.
  6. Participant availability for six months of fellowship is compulsory.
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How to apply:

  1. You must first have to fill an online application form on Portal (Link Given Below)
  2. Participant must have a start up pitching idea.
  3. Accurate and essential information of your idea and revenue and funding will also be explained.
  4. Candidate must have an updated CV (Sample CV) and LinkedIn account.
  5. Carefully answer all the question which are asked during your application submission process.
  6. During application process if you face any difficulty than simply Email on below ID:


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