Young Professional Fellowship | Bali 2024
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Young Professional Fellowship | Bali 2024

Country : Bali, Indonesia

Duration: 4 days ( 25th to 28th June 2024)

Funding : Partial / Fully Funded

Young Professional Fellowship


Young Professional Fellowship Bali 2024 is a salient inauguration by the Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS), aimed at polishing the leadership skills of youth under 40 years of age. The Program emphasizes on incorporating cultural diversity, the inclusion of numerous ethnicities, and interfaith harmony for generating citizens with an elevated sense of responsibility and high caliber.

Young Professional Fellowship Program” is an active initiative by MAPS to help resolve global issues by inviting audiences from around the world and providing them with a professionally organized platform for that. After its successful recent conduction in Canada, MAPS is extending YPF westwards, by launching “Young Professional Fellowship Bali 2024”, which will be an event of long lasting positive impact, socialization and resolution of World issues.

Topics of Fellowship:

1.Equality is quality:

  • Role of discrimination in Youth abilities
  • Manner of overcoming discrimination
  • Build an inclusive learning environment

2.Innovation Station:

  • Learning the art of finding best path in life
  • Becoming confident in your ideas
  • Adopting the courage to face hindrances

3.Mental Health Awareness:

  • Importance of Mental Health Awareness
  • Strategies to Promote Mental Health
  • Highlighting Success Stories

4. Lead with Deeds:

  • Exploring unconventional ways of learning Leadership
  • Playing games and becoming a leader? Yes please!

Fellowship Categories:

There will be 150 seats in total. It will be broken into three categories: 

  • Fully Funded
  • Partially Funded
  • Self-funded.

There will be 15 Fully Funded spots, 25 Partially Funded spots, and 110 Self Funded spots.

Participants Selection:

The placement of applicants into such categories is at the discretion of the MAPS  selection committee and based on the participants’ application, social experience, and leadership.


Fully funded applicants will be provided an Air-Ticket (An amount will be specified for reimbursement), Accommodation, Certificate, Meals (Breakfast or Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

Partially funded applicants will be provided Accommodation,Certificate, Meals (Breakfastand Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

Self-funded applicants will buy our delegate package (Full Experience/Half Experience) and will be provided equal privileges inlcuding Certificate, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, Celebration Party.

Application fee:

The application processing fee is 30$ only, it is Mandatory & Not Refundable under any circumstance and applies on all defined categories.

Deadline 25th April 2024
Result decleration30th April 2024
Participation Confirmation5th May 2024
Fellowship duration25th to 28th June 2024
Application Timelines

How to Apply . . ?

To apply for Young Professional Fellowship , you simply have to fill an online application form (Link given below) you have to answer some basic questions. After submitting your fee application will be uploaded. All successful participants will be contacted through email.


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