KAUST Global Fellowship Program 2024 | Saudi Arabia
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KAUST Global Fellowship Program 2024 | Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

Program: 3 years Post Doc Fellowship

Funding: Fully Paid

KAUST Global fellowship 2024


The KAUST Global Fellowship Program supports outstanding emerging research leaders and scientists from around the world to build their path towards a fully independent career. The program inspires the young generation of scientists and engineers to explore and address global challenges and opportunities for the benefit of humanity.

The program is merit based, targeting excellent postdocs with  breakthrough ideas to complement, support, contribute and advance the major research initiatives of KAUST. In our ‘research-first’  environment, Global Fellows have full access to key research tools, equipment, unparalleled facilities, and expertise surrounded by a  strong community of excellence.


1.Three years of funding:

Each research proposal receives up to $40,000 of funding based on the field of research, along with a yearly living stipend of $75,000 plus benefits including medical insurance, accommodation, schooling for up to 2 children, relocation, and travel allowances. Our researchers can fully focus on their proposed research on a full-time basis.

2.Pursuing independent Research:

This program is a unique opportunity for early-career researchers to pursue their own research project and idea. The program is designed to help young researchers build their own future career path and transition towards a competitive independent research career.

3.Research Facilities:

KAUST offers easy access to all the necessary research tools and equipment, with unparalleled laboratory facilities and expertise from colleagues and your host faculty Principal Investigator (PI). We offer adequate support and opportunities to create impact through your research, with the potential of new discoveries, inventions, influential results, and/or publications.

4.A sense of community:

KAUST is more than a university, we are a community! We are part of your Fellowship journey in a supportive intellectual environment that enhances your scientific endeavors, personal and professional development. We offer networking opportunities for your career success and an overall culture of innovation, scientific rigor, and workplace joy. The University’s award – winning campus has everything you need to live, work, evolve, study, and play.

5.Personal & Professional Development:

KAUST Global Postdoctoral Fellows have access to a variety of learning & development programs, to improve their existing skills and develop some new ones too. Programs include the KAUST Mentoring Program, the Harvard HE Teaching Certificate, and Leadership programs/certificates. This learning experience is enhanced through the interaction with the other fellows, and alumni of the Fellowship.

6.A Global Network:

KAUST has an extensive network of international research partners, which facilitates networking opportunities for the KAUST research community to meet a global set of external organizations operating in academia, industry, government agencies, funding bodies and other external partners, leading to the development of successful partnerships.

Financial Benefits:

  1. Monthly Stipend up to $6500.
  2. Yearly research grants up to $75000.
  3. Accommodation will be provided for the applicant and his family.
  4. Healthcare facilities for the entire family are free of cost.
  5. Multiple professional development programs for the Applicant.
  6. Top class schooling for the applicant’s children.
  7. Travel and relocation grants.

How to Apply. . ?

For an applicant to be eligible for this Fellowship:

  • Must have been awarded a PhD degree, within four solar years (i.e., those applying in 2024, must have received their PhD in January 2020 onwards);
  • Must expect to complete their Ph.D. before the start of their Fellowship;
  • Must be ready to move to KAUST to undertake their proposed three-year research project*;
  • Must identify in their application a KAUST faculty member who confirmed and agreed to host them and their research project, if successful.

People of all nationalities are welcome to apply. We encourage female applications for a better gender balance in science.

For a proposal to be eligible under this Fellowship, it should:

  • Focus on one or more of the KAUST research priorities: Health & Wellness, Sustainable Environment & Essential Needs, Energy and Industrial Leadership, and Economies of the Future;
  • Have a 3-year duration;
  • Follow the budget and financial guidelines of the call;
  • Use the provided template.

KAUST Global Fellowship Program is supporting research in line with the programs of KAUST academic divisions; Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE), Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE), and Physical Science and Engineering (PS

Research Areas:

  1. Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
  2. Chemical and Biological Engineering
  3. Chemical Science
  4. Computational Bioscience
  5. Computer Science
  6. Earth Science and Engineering
  7. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  8. Epigenetics
  9. Environmental Systems
  10. Extreme Computing
  11. Functional Biology
  12. Genomics
  13. Imaging/Structural Biology
  14. Machine Learning
  15. Marine Science
  16. Material Science and Engineering
  17. Mechanical Engineering
  18. Petroleum Engineering
  19. Statistics
  20. Visual Computing

Documents Requirements:

  1. Your most recent CV with a list of publications (max 4 pages);
  2. Two publications (in one single PDF document);
  3. Your Research Proposal, together with any relevant appendices, as a single document (using the provided template);
  4. The KAUST Host PI support letter (using the provided template);
  5. Two reference letters will need to be uploaded or approved directly from referees on the system.


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