21 May, 2024
5 mins read

Turkey Government Scholarship 2024

Country: Turkey Program: Bachelor / Masters / PhD Duration: Up to 4 years Introduction: Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 is a higher education program for International scholars from the Government of Turkey. The main focus of the Turkey government scholarship program is to provide equal opportunities to outstanding scholars around the Globe. Turkey scholarship program was […]

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Google Conference Scholarship 2024

Country: Any Country Duration: Depend upon conference duration. Funding: Fully funded by Google Introduction: At Google, they believe a diversity of attributes, gests , and perspectives are demanded to make tools that can change the world. They also believe that everyone deserves an occasion to pursue connections in the assiduity, networking with peers, and a […]

2 mins read

University of OTAGO Scholarship, Newzealand 2024

Country: Newzealand Program: Masters Duration: 1 year Introduction: University of Otago ranks amongst the top Universities in the World. It is an old university of New Zealand founded in 1869. Otago is a research-oriented university that that students from around the world to pursue their higher studies. It ranks first in the research institutions. More […]

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University of Saskatchewan , Canada Scholarship 2024

Country: Canada Program: Bachelor/ Masters/ PhD Duration: For 4 years. Introduction: The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is a prominent Canadian university located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Here are some key points about the University of Saskatchewan. The university was established in 1907 and has since grown to become one of Canada’s leading research-intensive institutions. […]

3 mins read

Heinrich Bell Foundation Germany Scholarship 2024

Country: Germany Program:PhD Duration: Up to 4 Years Introduction: The Heinrich Bell Foundation is part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of illiberalism, leftism, and traditionalism. Our main tenets are ecology and sustainability, republic and mortal rights, tone- determination and justice. We place particular emphasis […]

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University of Auckland Scholarship 2024

Country: Newzealand Program: Bachelors/Masters/PhD Duration: For 4 years Introduction: the University of Auckland is a prestigious institution located in Auckland, New Zealand. Here is some information about the university. The University of Auckland is the largest and highest-ranked university in New Zealand. It was founded in 1883 and offers a wide range of undergraduate and […]

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LANZHOU University of Technology Scholarship 2024

Country: Republic of China Program: Bachelors/ Masters/ PhD Duration: up to 4 years Introduction: Lanzhou University is a comprehensive and key national research university located in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China. Lanzhou University has a history dating back to 1909 when it was established as Gansu Law and Politics School. It has undergone several name changes […]

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BRUNEI Darussalam Scholarship for Foreign Students 2024

Country: BRUNEI Darussalam Program: Bachelor’s / Master’s / PhD University: Selective Universities Introduction: Brunei Darussalam is situated on the northern coast of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia. Its official language is Malay, and the population primarily practices Islam. The country is known for its well-developed infrastructure, high standard of living, and lack of personal income tax. […]

6 mins read

ROMANIA Government Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded)

Country: Romania Program: Bachelor’s / Masters/ PhD Duration: Up to 4 Years. Introduction: Romania is a country located in Southeast Europe, bordered by Ukraine to the north, Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the west, and Moldova to the east. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest. Romania is a member […]

2 mins read

HARVARD University Scholarship Program 2024

Country: United States Program: Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Duration: For 2 years Introduction: Harvard University is a prestigious Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Established in 1636, it is one of the oldest and most renowned universities globally. Harvard is known for its excellence in various academic disciplines, including law, medicine, business, […]