DESY Summer Student Program 2024 Germany
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DESY Summer Student Program 2024 Germany

Country: Germany

Duration: 8 weeks ( 16July to 5th September 2024)

Funding: Fully Funded


DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) is a research center located in Germany, specializing in particle accelerator-based research in the field of particle physics. It operates several accelerators and experimental facilities, including the PETRA and FLASH synchrotrons. DESY conducts experiments to explore fundamental questions about the structure of matter and the universe. It has played a significant role in international collaborations, contributing to advancements in high-energy physics.

The DESY Summer Student Program 2024 will take place from 16 July- 5 September 2024. Invitations are now open( deadline 31st January 2024)! Each summer DESY offers undergraduate scholars in Basic Physics or related disciplines( similar as scientific computing and engineering) the occasion to gain first- hand exploration experience at a large transnational laboratory. scholars are invited for a 8 week training period to witness exploration in one of the colorful fields pursued at DESY:

  • Photon science
  • Elementary particle physics & Accelerators
  • Astro particle physics

What You will Learn:

Selected Applicants join in the day- to- day work of exploration groups at the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg or Zeuthen( Berlin). exploration systems can be categorized into different types of conditioning practical work on sensors or experimental outfit, drugs data analysis, software development, proposition, and scientific computing. further details on the available conditioning can be set up then. The scholars will gain first- hand experience in independent exploration, working together with established scientists who are experts in their fields. While the exploration design is the main exertion, there will also be a series of lectures( given in English) acclimatized towards the crucial motifs of DESY exploration. Visits to the accelerators, trials, and computer Centre are also included in this program. Summer scholars are anticipated to work 39 hours per week which includes design work and lectures.


  1. Its a fully funded opportunity including all expenses.
  2. A monthly stipend up to 1200 Euros will be paid to cover your expenses.
  3. Air ticket and travel allowance’s will be reimburse to the participants.
  4. Applicants will be acommodated in the DESY hostel during the Summer School period.
  5. Applicant will visit the most advance labs during their stay.


  1. Applicant must be a undergraduate student when applying for this program.
  2. Applicant must have completed 3 years of undergraduate degree .
  3. Masters students may also apply during their studies only not after completing the degree.
  4. Applicant must have a undergraduate degree related to Physics, Natural sciences or Computing.
  5. Applicant have not availed any summer school at DESY.
  6. Applicant must be proficient in English.
  7. Applicant must have a basic Computing Skills.

Documents Requirement:

  1. CV in Tabular format, which contains your educational background, any relevant work experience , language proficiency and Computing skills.
  2. You should provide a scan copy of valid Passport.
  3. Provisional certificate by your University , in which the courses and grades are mentioned.
  4. Two reference letter from the University Professors you are studying.
  5. You have to upload all the date in an online application form and submit it.
  6. Only the successful applicants will be contacted through Email.


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