29 Feb, 2024
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University of Houston USA Scholarship 2024

Country: United States of America Program: Bachelor / Masters / PhD Duration: Up to 4 Years Introduction: The University of Houston (UH) is a public research university located in Houston, Texas, United States. It was founded in 1927 and is now the third-largest university in Texas. UH offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate […]

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Politecnico Di Milano Italy Scholarships

Country: Italy Program: Masters Duration: 2 years Introduction: The Politecnico di Milano, often simply referred to as Polimi, is a prestigious technical university located in Milan, Italy. The university is establish in 1863 and has since grown to become one of the leading technical universities in Europe. It has multiple campuses in and around Milan, […]

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Global Business Symposium Spain 2024

Country: Spain Duration: 9th May to 12th May 2024 Funding: Fully/Partially/Self Funded Introduction: Are you a professional ..? or Are you an Entrepreneur ..? than this symposium is for you, The Global Business Symposium Spain 2024 is an international event, in which entrepreneurs or young professionals from different parts of the world can participate. Not […]

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World Bank Scholarship program 2024

Country: Selective Countries Program: Masters Duration: 2 years Introduction: The World Bank Scholarship Program refers to various scholarship initiatives and programs supported by the World Bank Group. These programs are designed to provide financial assistance to individuals from developing countries who wish to pursue higher education and contribute to the development of their home countries. […]

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KNB Indonesian Govt. Scholarship 2024/2025

Country: Indonesia Program: Bachelor /Masters/PhD Duration: Up to 4 years Introduction: Indonesia is encyclopedically well-known for its quality education, especially in the advance  education  position. Not only that Indonesian universities demonstrated excellence in the advancement of lores, but they also are suitable to stand altitudinous  among  global  bi  league of advance education institutions. It was in the spirit of strengthening Indonesia’s position in the global constellation of advanced education and supporting the mortal development of developing countries that Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang, further popular  known as KNB Scholarship, was first offered in 2006. Through KNB […]

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Milan University Italy Scholarship, 2024

Country: Italy Program: Masters Duration: 2 years Introduction: Are you interested in studying in Italy? and the best thing is on a Fully funded Scholarship..! So don’t miss the chance University of Milan Italy has announced scholarships. You can have your Master’s degrees in Italy. Italy is an ancient city and has the world’s top-rank […]

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Ireland Government Scholarship 2024

Country: Ireland Program: Bachelors / Masters Duration: Up to 4 years Introduction: Ireland, officially known as the Republic of Ireland, is a sovereign nation located on the island of Ireland in northwestern. The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, mountains, and a rugged coastline. Ireland is also a hub of education. each year thousand of […]

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Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025

Country : Any selective Country Program : Masters & Professional Certifications Duration : Up to 2 years. Introduction: The Rotary Peace Scholarship is one of the best Scholarship programs. These scholarships are offered by Rotary. What’s Rotary? Rotary is an international organization that focuses on community service, Promoting Peace, and spreading education and health initiatives […]

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Sunway University Scholarships 2024 , Malaysia

Country: Malaysia Program: Masters & PhD Duration: Up to 4 years. Introduction: Sunway University is located near the heart of Sunway City, one of Malaysia’s greenest, safest and most establish cities on the periphery of Kuala Lumpur. Professional and Continuing Education is Sunway University’s foundation in coordinating courses that help individualities and associations achieve professional […]

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KOICA scholarship 2024 in South Korea (Fully Funded)

Country: South Korea Program: Masters & PhD Duration : up to 4 years. Introduction: Are you interested in pursuing your Higher Studies in South Korea? So Grabbing this opportunity, South Korean Government has announced Scholarships to attract International students from developing countries. So they have announced the KOICA Scholarship Program. The Korea International Cooperation Agency […]